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Volumizing Primer
Volumizing Primer

Volumizing Primer

Unique, Indigo blue-pigmented primer extends mascara wear all-day, preps lashes for flawless mascara application. Packed with the best peptides to further conditions lashes.


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Hypoallergenic  •  Non-irritating   •  Ophthalmologist Reviewed   •  Cruelty-Free •  Paraben-Free • Oil-free & Safe to use with Eyelash Extensions

How It Works

PRIMER Coats the lashes to instantly amplify length and fullness while preventing clumping, flaking and smudging. Contains conditioning agents that help build stronger lashes overtime. Blue pigments work to pop the whites of the eyes, for a beautiful, wide-eyed look. Blue pigments also intensify the color of topcoat mascara for added depth and drama to the eye area.

PRIMER Starting at lash line of top lashes, sweep brush from root to tip. Use brush tip to help separate lashes and reach corners of the eyes. 

VOLUMISE using out Volumising mascara. Layer to build length and volume, ensuring product stays wet as you build.