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Why You Need to Try This Award-Winning Lash Serum

February 23, 2023

Why You Need to Try This Award-Winning Lash Serum

Dramatic, fluttery eyelashes have been coveted as a sign of beauty for centuries. And there have never been more products promising to deliver the lush lashes of your dreams than there are today.

That’s why it’s essential to do your research when choosing a lash serum. Are its ingredients carefully chosen? Is it worth the price? Does it have a proven track record? 

When it comes to RevitaLash® Advanced, the answer to each of these questions is a resounding “yes.” You’ve no doubt heard our ophthalmologist-developed formula talked about by pros, editors, and beauty lovers alike—for good reason. Actually, five good reasons. Here’s why you need to try our award-winning lash serum if luxurious lashes are your goal. 

1. It Improves the Look of Your Lashes—Really

If you’re new to this category of products, you might be wondering how lash serums work. RevitaLash® Advanced features our proprietary BioPeptin Complex® to strengthen lashes and protect against breakage while improving flexibility and shine. The result? Healthier-looking, luxurious lashes.

A 6-week independent consumer study with 63 participants confirmed the findings: 98% of users experienced improved lash appearance, healthier-looking and stronger lashes.

Our RevitaLash® Advanced formulas are also the only lash serums with proprietary technology for The Curl Effect®. With regular use, you may notice your lashes take on a natural curl. In a recent trial, our model (and real user) experienced a 51.8-degree increase in curl after using the formula for 16 weeks. Take a look at this photo showing her lashes without mascara: 

Before and after image of the Curl Effect

2. It Protects Against Lash Breakage

Certain types of makeup (read: waterproof mascara) as well as services like lash extensions or lash lifts can leave your eyelashes brittle, dull, and compromised. Even everyday environmental aggressors can lead to premature aging of your lashes. RevitaLash® Advanced can help.

The magic is in the ingredients, from antioxidant-rich plant extracts like ginseng and Swertia japonica to fortifying amino acids and B vitamins. Our BioPeptin Complex® features a blend of peptides, biotin, lipids, and green tea extract rich in panthenol to condition, strengthen, and soften lashes.

And you won’t find oil on our serum’s ingredient list, making it safe to use while wearing lash extensions. 

3. It’s Easy to Fit into Your Routine

No need to spend excessive time and energy on improving your lashes. A daily swipe of RevitaLash® Advanced takes just seconds.

You only need to apply the serum once a day, and it doesn’t matter if you do it in the morning or before bed. Simply apply the serum directly to clean, dry lashes above the lash line. You can even apply makeup afterward, once the serum is completely dry. Done and done. 

4. It Costs Less Than $1 a Day

And your lashes will look like a million bucks. Seriously, though—a 3.5 mL tube of RevitaLash® Advanced will last you six whole months. Do the math: it all adds up to better lashes.

5. It’s Trusted Worldwide

From beauty lovers to celebrities to experts, everyone agrees RevitaLash® Advanced is a must-have for lush, healthy lashes.

Our physician-developed formula is ophthalmologist reviewed, dermatologist reviewed, and clinically tested. A tube is sold every 30 seconds* worldwide (in over 70 countries!). And it’s won over 30 beauty awards. Here are some of our favorites: 


Ready to try RevitaLash® Advanced for yourself? Shop here.


*Based on 2021 sales of RevitaLash® Advanced, divided by the number of seconds in a year. RevitaLash® Advanced not available in CA.