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August 29, 2022


Thinning hair always seems so sudden, doesn't it? Your hair looks full, no different from years ago, until one day it's not. 

How many women and men can relate?

But there’s good news. In 2022, haircare is different, better, easier. Achieving thicker-looking hair with more body and volume is possible. And you can thank cosmetic chemistry. 


With the success of our lash and brow serums, we thought: why not use the same proprietary BioPeptin Complex® technology to revitalize fine and thinning hair? The result is our Volume Enhancing Foam, which helps intensify natural volume, add shine and body, and improve elasticity to combat breakage. In a 4-week consumer study of 33 men and women, ninety-seven percent said their fine hair looked/felt fuller and more voluminous, while 94 percent said their thinning hair looked thicker, healthier, and nourished.

Our entire three-step system, when used together, delivers an even more dramatic transformation. We recently asked our three models to use the complete Volumising Hair Collection for 8 weeks. Their regimen looked like this:

  1. Cleanse hair with Thickening Shampoo, a unique scalp therapy formula with specialized ingredients to fortify hair.
  2. Condition hair with Thickening Conditioner, formulated to support scalp health, nourish the hair cuticle, and work to improve hair shaft thickness.
  3. Use Volume Enhancing Foam once daily on wet or dry hair, massaging into scalp and the roots of hair.

We photographed each model’s hair styled the same way, both before starting the regimen and after eight weeks of using the collection. The transformation was noticeable!

More Hair Tips to Increase Volume 

As you’re beginning your new hair care regimen, consider a few tips to keep your hair healthy and achieve the look of more volume.

  1. No more tight styles! Sure, ponytails, topknots, and the like are quick and easy. They can be, however, more destructive than you may think. Tension on your hair aggravates breakage, can cause dry scalp and even follicle damage. Give overly tight styles a rest until your hair and scalp get back into top, healthy shape.
  2. Be wary of chemical treatments. Hair colour with peroxide and ammonia increases breakage. Thermal conditioning and hair relaxers can do even more damage and can affect the hair’s structure.
  3. Cool down the heat. Excess heat is a primary cause of damaged hair. Give your strands a break from heat styling and let them air dry. Choose heat-free styling methods, such as sleeping with your hair in braids or rollers, instead of hot tools.
  4. Choose the right cut to increase volume. Opt for layers to create the look of volume and movement. A stacked bob adds fullness, while a mid-length chop can help encourage natural texture.


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