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BTS - Meet Our Model Series - Helene Ravlich

July 18, 2023

BTS - Meet Our Model Series - Helene Ravlich

At RevitaLash NZ, we believe that true beauty comes from within. That's why, in our recent local photoshoot, our main purpose was to celebrate the real-life results of our incredible RevitaLash community, and highlight the remarkable results they have achieved with our products. It's not just about the lashes; it's about the radiant transformations that take place when individuals feel fantastic in their own skin. 

We're excited to take you behind the scenes to meet the  beautiful faces behind this cherished project. Each woman brings so much creative talent that we find so inspiring, we just had to share with you.

Without further ado, we would love to introduce Helene Ravlich. An expert in the NZ beauty industry, 2x cancer warrior, mother and incredibly talented creative. We are so thrilled to have Helene as a treasured part of the RevitaLash community and a star in our photoshoot.

How long have you been using RevitaLash products?

Oh my gosh, pretty much as soon as they hit New Zealand… and I had been reading about them online for an eternity before then!

What are your #holygrail RevitaLash faves? 

Definitely the OG Revitalash Advanced lash serum, because it does what it says and then some, and always has. Totally transformative and available in Sensitive now too for when my allergies are acting up. I also adore the Defining Liner Eyeliner which is soft and super pigmented, and the mascara and primer duo which delivers seriously lush lashes.

I’ve been using the hair collection over the last few months too, and become very invested in the amazing results it gives. I have a lot of hair but it’s quite fine, and it really does bring the bounce to my blow dry.

What lights you up about what you do? 

I am just ridiculously addicted to beauty – makeup, skincare, haircare, perfume, the lot.
Being able to write about it for a job is like a dream come true, and it seems that every day there is something fresh, fun and innovative to get excited about. It has been so important seeing the beauty sphere gradually becoming a more inclusive space too, long may that continue.

Top beauty tip?

Wear sunscreen – every day, no excuses. Whenever I’ve interviewed beauty experts – be they dermatologists, makeup artists or cosmetic surgeons – for their pick when it comes to high performance skincare, they all agree that the most important thing you can do to keep your skin looking good well into old age is wear a sunscreen. All the retinols and peptides in the world won’t do a thing if you’ve baked without protection your whole life.

What are you inspired by?

So many things –my family, my incredible friends, new people I meet, great writers and artists of all kinds. I also have an unabashed addiction to travel, which never fails to re-energise me and get me excited exactly when I need it. But having said all of that, you have to be open to inspiration in order to receive it, and I try and stay as open as I can every day.

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