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How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

April 03, 2020

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

Whilst we face a world pandemic, a global crisis, living through a historical event... those of us with eyelash extensions are facing a trauma of our own (yes, it is a first-world problem but each to their own) - we cannot visit our lash technicians and as a result, we are going to end up looking like Spongebob with his three lashes. 

As a leader in all things lashes and brows, we have taken it upon ourselves to investigate and find out HOW we can remove our own lash extensions from home. Upon beginning our investigation we were quickly advised by some of the biggest names in the lash extension industry here in New Zealand, well, NOT TO.


Can we use coconut oil? "No. Oils that are sitting around at home will not be sufficient, especially if the adhesive has been applied reasonably recently and still has a strong bond."

What if I can get my hands on a lash extension remover? "Lash extensions remover is absolutely not to be messed with by a non-professional."


Right. So what can we do instead? First things first, beat the rush and book in with your lash technician or beauty therapist NOW - let them know you will take this first appointment available upon the reopening of their doors.

Secondly, keep your natural lashes in their optimal condition by using RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner once a day, every day. 

And the final tip we received was to comb through your lash extensions several times a day. This will just pick up any lashes that have already shed but are still sitting amongst their friends, pretending to be attached. Do not, under any circumstances, pick at your eyelashes or try to pull your extensions off.

So it looks like all of us Spongebobs will be riding out the next few weeks together!


A huge thank you to the beautiful ladies from Lash Noir and Lash Aesthetica for your help.

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