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Join the Journey

May 07, 2020

Join the Journey

At RevitaLash New Zealand we are dedicated to making necessary changes to ensure we run an environmentally conscious business with eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Last year, RevitaLash® Cosmetics launched brand new eco-friendly packaging for the entire RevitaLash range with 100% recyclable boxes and cello wrap. The boxes, themselves, are even made from 30% post-consumer fibers.

And right here in New Zealand, we are doing what we can to ensure a greener future:

  • Our warehouse provides plastic-free shipping, using paper courier bags and recyclable packing supplies from r3pack
  • At our office, we use compostable courier bags and paper cushioning from r3pack
  • We also reuse all packaging that ends up at the office from other companies, such as boxes, bags and bubble wrap 
  • Our employees work from home for four days of the week to reduce pollution and emissions from travel

The RevitaLash® Cosmetics Headquarters in the United States, has embarked on a mission to reduce its carbon footprint and become more eco-friendly whilst providing you with the innovative, results-driven products you’ve come to know and love.

"In kicking off our eco-journey, we decided it was best to bring in an accredited sustainability expert to guide our process; someone who understands the technicalities of “greening”, including improving carbon footprint, minimizing impact, etc. - and how those things should be measured.  Our sustainability expert advised us to start at home, as that’s where we could make the quickest impact, and expand outward from there. Below are some improvements we’ve made thus far:

  • Our packaging and cello wrapping is now 100% recyclable
  • Our boxes are made from 30% post-consumer fibers*
  • Our carbon footprint has improved with a more streamlined supply chain
  • We’ve removed all single-use plastics from our office
  • We’ve installed Skywell water machines and supplied employees with their own reusable water bottles
  • Our cleaning products are now, well, clean! We went from an “F” grade to an “A” in terms of their eco-friendliness
  • We have removed all single-use coffee pods from the office and replaced them with drip coffee pots
  • We are in the process of getting certified as a green business in Ventura County
  • We are auditing our trash, re-learning and learning how to properly recycle, and implementing strict recycling policies

This is only the beginning. As we move through this process further we are excited to share our green effort metrics as a way to hold ourselves accountable to our mission, and the planet too!  We remain inspired to make further impacts in philanthropy and sustainability while continuing to lift our workforce."

Learn more here.

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