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Q&A with Cherie Evans from Look Good Feel Better

October 14, 2020

Q&A with Cherie Evans from Look Good Feel Better

What is your name and your role/job title?
"Cherie Evans - Programme and Training Manager with Look Good Feel Better" 

What does a “normal” day of work look like for you?
"I am lucky to have a varied role within our charity and so each day can be completely different, and Covid-19 has certainly challenged what a ‘’normal day’’ looks like. We have a small team and the core to each of our roles is to support our team of Facilitators, Coordinators, Volunteers and our participants. My day can range from liaising with kind souls like yourself, who donate precious products for our participants, to writing content for our programmes.
In developing the content for our programmes I have the privilege of chatting with prospective speakers for our mens programme, as we plan our 2021 programmes. Currently I am writing new training material for our existing volunteers and new onboarding protocols as the world undergoes changes – I could go on! I feel lucky to work within a charity who provide support within a programme I am 100% passionate about!" 

For those who may not know, please tell us a little about LGFB? 
"Look Good Feel Better NZ for the last 28 years has supported any person with any cancer (men, women and teens). Our free community and live online programme bring participants together in a supportive, informative but fun way.
Look Good Feel Better aims to give practical and tangible advice with tips, tools and techniques to help with the impact of cancer. A key area within the programme is how we can focus on the impact of visible side effects of cancer/treatment and how difficult loss of hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and other skin related issues can prove challenging to manage.
The emphasis in all our classes and support is to relax and have fun. It’s a chance to do something practical, pro-active and positive and to meet people in a similar situation." 

How many classes and volunteers do you have across the country? 
"We have over 300 classes per year across New Zealand including live online classes. We are fortunate to have over 500 active Volunteers, who kindly and generously donate over 60,000 hours of their time per year. Our gorgeous volunteers are passionate about the programme and our participants – we would not be able to do what we do, as well as we do – without them!"  

What are the costs involved for a single LGFB class and how much of that is covered through fundraising/funding?
"The cost per class is approximately $2000. Amber, our Funding Manager is always open to new ideas of fundraising and innovation to enable us to offer a class to anyone undergoing a cancer diagnosis.
The cosmetic industry are very generous and annually, since the start of the charity, donate skincare and make-up for each participant to receive."

Have you seen, first-hand, the impact that RevitaLash or RevitaBrow has had on one of your attendees? 
"Yes! We also only need to look at our participants reaction, when we explain the benefits of RevitaLash and RevitaBrow and how it can help in the re-growth of their lashes and brows - to know how much this can also boost their confidence. Without our brows we have no expression and the brows frame our face. For someone experiencing these side effects, it can have serious consequences to their self-esteem." 

What is your best piece of advice you can offer for BCA month? 
"My best piece of advice is: Cancer does not discriminate, age, race, religion – we are all vulnerable. Please check yourself regularly, know your body, and trust yourself." 

And what is your advice for someone supporting a loved one with cancer?
"Just be there – even when they say they don’t need anything. Just be. Often, we think we need to provide advice, help move mountains, when really – all they might want is for someone to hear them, support them. Everyone is different and we cannot expect or assume they may want the same things we do, however helping with cooked meals, housework and driving them to appointments are some easy ways to show your love and support." 

Anything else?
"Yes – thank you! Look Good Feel Better NZ is enormously appreciative for the continuation of product donations RevitaLash kindly and generously provide our classes.  RevitaLash and RevitaBrow are products our participants have the benefit of using post treatment, bringing back not only their brows and lashes – but also their confidence.
Thank you so much for continuing to think of us whilst the world navigates challenging times – we couldn’t be more grateful!"

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