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Q&A with Kaitlin Chapman

March 17, 2021

Q&A with Kaitlin Chapman

Kaitlin is a long time RevitaLash lover and even joined us in our photoshoot last year! Kaitlin is a mum of two gorgeous girls, and an Auckland-based makeup artist - you can check out her business here. We were so excited to sit down with Kaitlin and pick her brains on all things, beauty and health related.


What does your morning routine look like? 
"My morning routine is pretty busy as a mum; I wake up and make sure my kids are fed, dressed, lunches made etc before sorting myself out. It’s either school/ daycare drop off then off to a wedding or Hello Darling, to work. Coffee is soon on the list too. If it’s not a working day, I always make sure to move my body as soon as I can fit it in to set myself up for the day!"

What are the non-negotiable skincare products that you use?
"Right now I’m loving my Osmosis Correct and Rescue Serums, Osmosis Nourish Oil, a great Sunscreen and of course RevitaLash! Vitamin C goes on in the mornings and I love Dermalogica Biolumin C for this. I treat myself once a week with a face mask, I pick and choose between what’s in the draw and what my skin needs. Loving Dermalogica's Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask at the moment or Lancôme Advanced Genifique Hydro Gel Masks!"

Do you wear makeup every day and if so, what does your everyday makeup routine consist of?
"As a makeup up artist you would think I would wear makeup everyday but I only like to wear it when I’m working or for any event. As soon as I get home my makeup comes off! My makeup routine is simple, quick and effective as a mum. I always love to prep my skin with a Hydrating Illuminating Primer from Osmosis, a Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream current favourite is NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, a Blush of my choice that day, and Brow Gel! I like my skin to still look like skin when I wear makeup and love a natural glowing healthy makeup look."

How long have you been using RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner for?
"Nearly 8 years! I can’t believe it. Once I saw the results for myself there was no going back! I remember discovering it after I had had my first child and it was such a treat as a new mum!"

Do you apply RevitaLash in the morning or at night?
"I use it at night while I take the time to do my night time skin care routine."

Which RevitaLash Cosmetics product(s) have you not tried yet, but is next on your list?
"I haven’t given the RevitaBrow a go yet and have noticed as I’ve gotten older my brows are pretty sparse on the ends! "

What’s your favourite healthy meal or snack?
"I’m such a foodie so this is a tricky one. I'm really into my smoothies at the moment end my go-to currently is banana, almond milk, couple of berries and my Dose & Co Pure Collagen and Vanilla Protein Powder!"

And what is your treat weakness?
"Probably good old Kiwi Chip and Dip or a Magnolia Kitchen Donut, as she is just down the road from us!"

What is your favourite form of exercise or tips for physical and mental wellness?
"I really mix it up with exercise, it keeps me interested. I do boxing, Pilates, spin classes and a mix of circuit type training each week! For me working out is my “me time” and it’s so important for me each day! I know how it makes me feel so even among the chaos of parenting I make sure I get it done! The housework can always wait!"

If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be and why?
"To have a never ending bank account that I can use to help anyone and everyone. Anything to help spread more happiness and joy! We need as much of that as we can at the moment!"

AM or PM? – AM
Sweet or Savoury? – Savoury
Heels or Trainers? – Trainers
Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter? – Spring/Summer
Makeup or Skin Care? – Skincare
Lashes or Brows? – Lashes!

Find Kaitlin on Instagram @kaitlinchapman_

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