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Q&A With Kate Smith

May 07, 2020

Q&A With Kate Smith

Kate Smith is one of our original and key ambassadors, but prior to joining our family, she was originally a customer who simply fell in love with the product. Last year, Kate was one of the beautiful faces in our first-ever RevitaLash New Zealand photoshoot, where we photographed genuine RevitaLash users from right here in NZ. 


What does your morning routine look like? 
"I am NOT a morning person at all so I need a lot of time to get ready in the morning because I’m a zombie. After snoozing my alarm 17 times I flop my body downstairs and head straight for the coffee machine. After I’ve poured four golden espresso shots into a cup I’ll cradle it in my hand on the couch and wait until it breathes a little bit of life into me! I’ll watch The AM Show and start making some breakfast, this is usually porridge with protein powder or eggs on grainy toast!
I’ll then pop upstairs and jump in the shower! After I’m fresh I’ll apply some makeup (including 4 of my fave RevitaLash products – RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, Double-Ended Volume Set, Hi-Def Brow Pencil, and Hi-Def Brow Gel), I’ll then chuck my hair in a scrunchie (that’s essential as a teacher because of all the sticky fingers), pop my uniform on (which isn’t glam at all) and then head out the door with a plunger coffee in a reusable mug!"

What are the non-negotiable skincare products that you use?
"A gentle cleanser! I have sensitive skin and have tried so many skincare products on the market and always go back to a gentle cleanser from Cetaphil when I get overwhelmed by all of the options and all of their claims!
A clay mask a couple times a week also really helps with my oil production, I love the Tailor Skincare Polish and a classic bentonite clay mask to help with oil production.I also make sure I include a face oil for extra nourishment, but to be honest, there are so many choices out there I’m a little lost at times!"

Do you wear makeup every day and if so, what does your everyday makeup routine consist of?
"During lockdown, I have been rocking a fresh face! My next “level up” would be a few strokes of Hi-Def Brow Gel from RevitaLash, a natural BB cream (loving the Natio one), and the RevitaLash Double-Ended Primer / Mascara!
If I was off to work, I’d add some concealer so parents don’t feel bad for how tired I look at the end of the day haha! I’d also add a bit of foundation and some bronzer!
I have only just learned that “less is more” and I feel so much better when my skin can breathe and not look so muddy at the end of the day."

How long have you been using RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner for?
"For almost 2 years! I had a holiday to South Africa and got eyelash extensions before my trip, this left me with really irritated eyes and broken stumpy lashes. I thought to myself “I can either just keep getting them done or try one of these magical eyelash conditioners out”. Although I had seen many brands on the market, the RevitaLash reviews and results pulled me in! I purchased my first serum shortly after my trip and I have never looked back!"

What are your favourite RevitaLash Cosmetics products?
"As mentioned above, definitely the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditionerbecause that makes them grow long and strong! The Double-Ended Primer / Mascara is my go-to, and I’ve recently discovered the Hi-Def Brow Pencil which gives the most natural fine strokes! I also slide a few of the Hi-Def Brow Gel strokes through at the end to keep them all in place and make them pop!"

You’re on a very inspirational fitness journey, what’s you’re advice for someone who struggles with motivation to exercise?
"I’ve been there. And I’m sure I’ll continue to have those seasons throughout my life because it is totally normal not to feel “on” all the time! I would tell people to choose something that they enjoy and do that! It’s no use forcing yourself into a gym if you don’t like working out on machines, and they can also be so daunting so a personal trainer who can offer you guidance and support would be a great idea if you don’t know where to start. Find your “why”, explore your reasoning for wanting to get fit, and make sure that other people’s opinions are not your main drive! Try not to focus on aesthetics and really listen to the way your body feels when it starts moving the way it was designed to. I was never ever a “group exercise” person until I discovered my love for F45, it was more than just a workout and the accountability and support is so so great! The workouts are different every day so there is no room to get bored!"

What’s your favourite healthy meal or snack?
"I love a good smoothie! My favourite one includes coffee, frozen banana, vanilla protein, vanilla extract, almond milk, and a dash of peanut butter! If I want something that I can bite into then any kind of raw bliss ball, slice, or cookie!"

As someone who openly shares her journey living with ADHD, what has been the most helpful coping tool or a strategy that you’ve learned or discovered since your diagnosis? 
"The most helpful strategy is to sometimes simply step back and cut myself some slack. I have always had such high expectations of myself and since learning about how ADHD affects my executive functioning, the “simple tasks” that neurotypical people can complete without thinking about can be really difficult for me. Being open about my neurological condition has helped me immensely on this journey, stigma can slowly be crushed if people are filled with knowledge and acceptance for people with differences. I feel so good knowing that I am able to help people, I feel like my disorder is my superpower that I have been given so I can help others who struggle."

How is lockdown in your household going? Have you stumbled across any great baking recipes, games, activities? Please share anything that will keep us entertained!
"I have resisted the urge to download Tiktok but I have definitely been baking up a storm!The Chelsea Winter crazy Italian chocolate cake was so so easy and delicious, and for a more wholesome recipe, I enjoyed making black bean brownies and Hill Street cookie mixes!
I tried hairdressing. Never again! I have completely butchered my boyfriend’s hair but it was a good laugh. I have also been keeping busy with Zoom F45 workouts and ones I’ve found on the Sweat app!"

If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be and why?
"The ability to help anybody who was in a vulnerable position, to find their voice.
I would then have people and services magically show up at their doors and give them the help and resources they need. (I would inject all of their bank accounts too with the funds to unlock all the support, and give them a magical voucher that entitled them to go to any café at any time to have a coffee with a friend)."

AM or PM? – Pm!
Walking or Running? – Definitely not a runner!
Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter? Warmer seasons for sure!
Banana Cake or Beer Loaf? Banana loaf?
Makeup or Skin Care? Skin Care!
Lashes or Brows? DO NOT MAKE ME CHOOSE. 

Find Kate on Instagram @kate.yourmate

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