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What happened when Ensemble Mag put RevitaLash® to the Test?

July 26, 2021

What happened when Ensemble Mag put RevitaLash® to the Test?

We teamed up with Ensemble Magazine to put RevitaLash® to the test. Three ladies, with lashes in need of a little extra love, share their experience using our award-winning conditioning serum. Spoiler alert, the results are beautiful.

Gorgeous, healthy lashes that provide a gilded frame through which you see the world do not always come naturally for all. Luckily, naturally healthier, shinier, and more dramatic looking lashes are readily available with the iconic, OG lash serum RevitaLash® Advanced.

This best-selling, award-winning brand was founded by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff after his wife Gayle’s ongoing cancer treatments took their toll on her otherwise gorgeous lashes and brows. Determined to help bring back her confidence, the doctor realised the correlation between healthy, strong lashes and self-esteem. He was able to apply findings made in his practice as an Ophthalmologist to develop a serum that would provide just that.  

To this day, RevitaLash Cosmetics has a commitment to give back to breast cancer all year around. Closer to home, we’ve met many women with lacklustre lashes who have benefitted from this serum.  

From the effortless ‘no makeup’ look through to glam night-time lashes, we asked three readers in search of the perfect lashes to trial RevitaLash Advanced over a 12-week period. Here’s what they found.

Shirley Simpson, makeup artist

Shirley Simpson. Photography / Babiche Martens

"My lashes are, let’s say, less than ideal. I've never wanted to go down the extension route because I feared it would compromise the health of my lashes.  

I've tried other lash serums before and while some of them produced initially good results, they didn't seem to last long. I've since learned that lashes have a shedding cycle... So one must persist!

RevitaLash Advanced is easy to use but you must make it part of your everyday schedule. I put my tube next to my toothbrush so I remembered to apply it every night. Consistency is key for achieving results!

I didn’t think it was doing much but then one day, about six weeks in, I noticed I had decidedly healthier, more naturally curled lashes, which was especially evident once I put mascara on! As an aside, I highly recommend RevitaLash Cosmetics Double-Ended Volume Set mascara and primer duo. It has a primer and a great lengthening, super black formula which is smudge proof/long-lasting - even for a hooded eye like mine.

I definitely recommend RevitaLash Advanced to anyone wanting more beautiful, curled, lifted lashes that look natural and fluffy. And it’s so easy to use; you just swipe a quick line across the lashes, above the lash line. Don't cleanse the eyes with an oil based cleanser (I’ve learnt this leaves a layer of oil on the lashes, which can make it harder for RevitaLash Advanced to penetrate); instead use a gentle micellar water."

Jade Ingram, early childhood teacher

Jade Ingram. Photography / Babiche Martens

"I have always had fine, brittle and very straight eyelashes. Nothing special or even ‘nice’ about them really. For years I’ve tried different products and various attempts to make them more beautiful, but nothing’s ever really made a difference.

I once fell into the false lashes trend; getting eyelash extensions done every couple of weeks, until I noticed my lashes were becoming very damaged. I had resigned myself to the fact that these lashes of mine are what they are; to just learn to love what genetics had given me.

To be honest, to start with I wasn’t entirely convinced with trying RevitaLash Advanced. I read all the instructions and recommendations, determined to follow the ‘rules’ to get the best results. The application was easy. I didn’t notice any smell and it dried quickly, feeling lightweight - almost like nothing at all. The brush is very small, and at times I felt I needed more product than I probably needed. As it is clear and so lightweight, I wasn’t sure how much to use.

I’m not very good at a beauty routine or remembering to use products consistently, so to help, I made sure I had the tube out on my counter in the hope that if I saw it I would use it every day.

My lashes started to look and feel healthier, with a natural shine to them. I was one of those cynical users, willing to give it a go but with little hope. Well, I am happy to admit I was wrong! Although subtle, there is a change. I will continue to use this product, and dream of beautiful natural eyelashes!"

Tanya Barlow, hair/makeup/nail artist

Tanya Barlow. Photography / Babiche Martens

"Up until the big lockdown I’d been fully committed to lash extensions for about three years. My natural lashes were in good condition, but I just felt pretty with extensions on! As the last of my lash extensions clung on for dear life in April 2020, and feeling like my eyes were plain and I looked a bit like Kermit, I started using RevitaLash Advanced eyelash serum daily.  

It comes in a tube, with a tiny brush applicator. To apply, brush it along the lashes, above the lash line. I would do this step after skincare in the morning and wait a bit before applying makeup.  

Not really expecting much I dutifully applied the product and willed it work. Reader, it sure did. With lash serums, you gotta play the long game - I don’t think I noticed a real difference until about two months. I’d given them a go in the past and gave up after a few weeks, but persistence paid off! I’ve now been using it consistently for just over a year and I’m stoked with the health, curl and drama of my natural lashes.

The key with using a lash serum is regular lash lifts - I did find that my natural lashes became a little wonky, but a lash lift and tint sorted them right out. Do I miss the volume and fluttery-ness of lash extensions? Sometimes! But the joy of wearing mascara and a sleepy satisfying eye-rubbing session with the back of your knuckle can’t be beat.


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