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2022 Beauty Trends to Keep Your Eye On

December 22, 2021

Image of woman with her head tilted slightly down showing off her hair

While you’ve been prepping for and enjoying the holidays, fashion and beauty trends have been making the rounds, vying for their positions in the coming year. Between social media and Spring 2022 Fashion Weeks, the latest, hottest trends are on the horizon. Ready? 

That’s So ‘90s

What started as a Gen-Z declaration has made its way to Paris Fashion Week: the center part is in! The elegant, timeless part is back in a big way, offering the adopter two big benefits: enhancing symmetry and framing the face. Men and women alike are sporting this ‘90s revival hairstyle, and it’s working. Tousled beach waves are a little more polished, curls look bouncy, and sleek styles appear bolder. The center part enhances your eyebrows and draws attention to your eyes. You can’t afford not to try this trend!

Better still, it’s easy to achieve. All you’ll require is a comb and a steady hand. Simply find your scalp’s center and slowly draw the comb backward, gently shifting strands from one side to the other until a gorgeous, straight part appears. If you love the look, you will find that your hair 'retrains' itself to fall that way over time. A little pomade and/or hairspray may be helpful to hold the natural center part in place, at least early on.

Sleek and Slicked

If the middle part is timeless, the slicked-back ponytail transcends time. Think of a sleek pony as the equivalent of a white linen shirt: more dressed up than a graphic tee and bed-head but still comfortable, casually chic, and versatile.

You can play around with your level of sleek, going from well-groomed and hair sprayed 'just so' to the full-on wet look, gel heavy, and kind of punk. You may even try a center-parted sleek ponytail—a perfect combination of face-framing and chic.

Of course, with any hair trend, you must make sure your locks are their healthiest and most voluminous. RevitaLash® Cosmetics' Volumizing Hair Collection not only addresses the needs of fine or thinning hair, but the products are designed to be used in tandem to address scalp health, nourish and hydrate strands, and add shine and body. Your tresses will look thicker, feel fuller, and perform better.

Natural... Naturally

It may have taken two years of a pandemic to get here, but natural-looking beauty is back! While you may find pops of color or extreme makeup looks here and there, the overall vibe of the beauty routine has shifted. Women want the best versions of themselves, simple and natural.

Natural lashes are the principal feature of this movement. Low mascara, natural lift, soft lash lines are in - in a big way. This isn't a bold, hit-the-club type lash look. Rather, it's natural, radiant, youthful beauty. There are a few ways to accomplish the look. Opt for a light shade of mascara, a dark brown or a brown-black, and apply it with a light touch. (A clean spoolie brush to lift away excess mascara will be your best friend.) Or you can use science!

With RevitaLash® Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, you'll enhance the appearance of your lashes, protect against breakage, improve flexibility and strength, all while defending against both environmental damage and harsh lash products. Want to know the best part? The Curl Effect®! It's an amazing proprietary technology to enhance the curl of your natural lashes. If you want "I woke up like this" natural lashes, you need RevitaLash® Advanced.*

Fluffed and Full

Another more natural, less coiffed trend you’ll see in 2022 is the rise of fluffy brows. Fluffy brows are those that remain as they naturally grow: full, thick, and bold. They’re beautifully natural while still looking well-groomed, all with minimal effort.

One basic rule for more fluff: stop plucking, shaping, and struggling to be in control. Let your brows grow in, let their true shape return, and give them some freedom. You can pluck unruly stray hairs, but stop attempting to create higher arches or thinner lines. You want your brows to be expressive and effortlessly bold.

Obviously, not everyone is going to have perfectly thick brows. Blame over-plucking, age, or genetics; but if you aren’t blessed with Cara Delevigne brows, there are ways to gain the fluff without looking like your brows were overdrawn!

Start by combing the brows up and out with an eyebrow brush. This will widen the brow, as you are directing the hairs away from each other. Fill in any bare spots with a light brown colored pencil. (Try the Hi-Def Brow Pencil; you’ll love its coverage, fine tip, and long-wearing formula.) Make sure you aren’t using a heavy hand on your brows. You want natural, not overly contoured. Finally, top the brows with a little brow gel to tame any stubborn hairs and lock in the fluffed brows for the day. For an even more natural fluffy brow, RevitaBrow® Advanced will be your secret weapon. It protects against breakage, enhances flexibility and shine, and strengthens for bolder, more beautiful looking eyebrows. Get the entire collection for your brows here!

*RevitaLash® Advanced is not available in CA.


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