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7 Hacks for the Best Summer Ever

August 19, 2021

Image of a hand holding up a bottle of AquaBlur Hydrating Eye Gel and Primer

Does anyone really still like summer, or is that good feeling merely a holdover from childhood when you were free to do as you wished for three wonderful months? The heat, the bugs, the crowds, all while still going to work? Summer as an adult is not all it’s cracked up to be. Remember the song “Summertime Blues?” Think about the lyrics. Sums it up, right?

Don’t despair. There are little things you can do to make summer feel freer and maybe recapture some of that childhood magic you’ve been missing.

Cool Skincare… Simplify where you can so you can enjoy more downtime. Summer is not the season for layers of makeup or heavy feeling product. Go with light serums and gels instead. (Try Aquablur Hydrating Eye Gel and Primer to moisturize, cool, and protect your eye area.) With a slimmed-down beauty routine, a few choice products are all you need to get yourself a low maintenance summer glow. Try a tinted moisturizer for light coverage and sun protection, a lip tint, and RevitaLash® Advanced to keep your lashes healthy, protected, and naturally beautiful. And when it comes to keeping your lashes clean, there's nothing cooler than Micellar Water Lash Wash.

Hairstyles Gone Wild… Summer hair has no rules. This is prime time to experiment with fun styles and accessories – scarves, scrunchies, colorful clips are all in for summer. Play with braids and messy updos. Go for Jackie O with a scarf and oversized glasses – timeless and classic. It's time to play adult dress-up.

Outfit Fun… The past year you’ve been living in sweatpants. While it is easy to want to throw on athletic-leisure wear, try something that lets you stay comfortable while being a little more stylish and fun. Jumpsuits and dresses are peak summer wear and something your inner little girl would love. Try luxe looking fabrics like linen and silk to keep you cool while looking sleek - a grown-up style that’s elegant and put together without compromising comfort.

Move Outdoors... You've been stuck inside. Get out! Make every activity a little more magical by moving it outdoors. Start with movie nights with just a projector and an old sheet if that’s all you’ve got. Dinners on the patio. Kiddie pools and cocktails make happy hour relaxed and a lot more fun. Have you ever met an adult that doesn't love a slip and slide?

Get Crafty… Have any hold-over DIY projects from last year? Been wanting to try out a new craft? Learn from your inner child and just start a project (or seven). As the weather heats up and the afternoon grows long, try something fun. Paint, knit, cross-stitch, DIY. There are loads of adult crafts to play with. Make it an at-home date night activity or start a weekly "crafts and cocktails" event with the girls. Grab some chalk and doodle on anything and everything without a long-term commitment. Expressing your creativity is the ultimate childhood throwback.

Play with Your Food… Use the summer staples you grew up on and get creative. Take s’mores to the next level with decadent dark chocolate and artisan marshmallows in an array of flavors. Make your own popsicles with fruit purees and coconut milk for a no added sugar indulgence (bonus if you make them real ‘adult’ treats). Try your own no-churn ice cream and create the perfect flavor combination your inner child only ever dreamed of. Floats don’t have to be root beer. Want to travel without going home? Create 'food tour' meals with dishes and drinks from specific destinations. What would a day in Paris taste like? London? Barcelona?

Game Time… When’s the last time you played a game from your childhood? Pull them out of the closet and get competitive. Hold a Candy Land tournament, make Monopoly a drinking game, create your own Bingo boards using experiences or sights around town as the squares you’re filling in. Try an iPhone photography round robin, best picture wins. Just play.

Summer is waiting. Go find your magic…


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