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Everything You Need to Know About Magnetic Lashes

October 30, 2021

Image of magnetic lashes sitting in a copper dish

They’re the rage; they’re glamorous; they’re convenient; they can be expensive.

Magnetic lashes are all the above, and more. Once niche, now mainstream, magnetics have spawned a bevy of brands ranging from $20 to $200 and beyond.

So… What’s the Catch?

Well, it’s the same trap as every cosmetic formula and procedure. There’s the real deal, there are knock-offs, and there are deluxe versions that may or may not be any better than their lower-cost counterparts.

What’s at stake is your pocketbook, of course. But more importantly, the health of your natural lashes and your eyes. You don’t want to compromise either. Face it, there are horror stories doing the social media rounds about magnetic lashes gone wrong.

So, how do you choose ‘the right’ magnetic lashes?

Start Here, Please!

Ask yourself: are your real lashes in good enough condition to handle the stress of false lashes… not only the tugging and pulling, but also chemical stress from the glues and glue removers used for traditional false lashes? But make no mistake, you can also lose lashes when you remove the magnets.

At the end of the day, if false lashes are going to weaken already unhealthy lashes, then stop right there. Or better said, wait a minute… or more like a few weeks… until you can improve the health and condition of your lashes.

Take a month or two to pamper, hydrate, strengthen, and protect lashes. Then, and only then, are you ready to apply false lashes of any kind. Start with Micellar Water Lash Wash to draw out impurities while hydrating, then use RevitaLash® Advanced daily to add strength and shine. You’ll also be able to minimize lash damage with the sensible use of high-quality mascara, like our Double-Ended Volume Set. And make sure to use a high quality lash curler, like our Signature Lash Curler, and throw out that cheap ‘lash killer.’

Ready for Big, Bold, and Beautiful?

Ready for high tech? Then it’s time to learn a few things about magnetic lashes.

To start, these lashes use tiny magnets on the base of the lash strip. Snap… they’re on and anchored. There’s no glue, which is a major selling point. Basically, you’re sandwiching your real lashes in between magnets. That’s it.

Putting magnetics on and taking them off is a snap. You know the problem of alignment can be a sticky mess with glue. It takes time and patience to achieve the perfect look. 

Magnetic lashes still take time to align, even without the glue. In fact, some claim it takes longer to learn how to work with magnetic lashes. Still, you’ll get better over time with them, and at least they are less messy. And because there’s no glue, there’s less chance of an allergic reaction with magnetics.

Another perk: magnetic lashes are reusable… no tossing them away after wearing. Better quality magnetic lashes should give you the longest working life. You can’t expect a $20 pair to hold up as long as a luxe pair. Some brands claim they can last up to 60 wears.

Most would agree, magnetics are adaptable and versatile. Sure, so are traditional false lashes, and both come in various styles and shapes; but the variety of magnetic lashes seems almost infinite. 

There’s Always a But

A couple of things to remember. False lashes can be applied closer to the lash line, making them look less fake, some say, than magnetic lashes. What’s more, false lashes are flexible… easier to bend to the shape of your eye and adding to the more natural look. Magnetic lashes can feel stiff.

False lashes applied with glue seem more secure. Magnetic lashes can move ever so slightly. For some, it’s annoying… the sensation that your lashes are about to come loose.

Because magnetic lashes are less flexible, they look better on some eye shapes than others. You’ll have to see for yourself. Let a professional help you decide if false lashes suit your look.

A Better Option?

It’s entirely up to you. Ask your professional. Ask your friends. Try a less expensive (but not cheap) pair before you go deluxe.

And remember: your lashes need to be healthy, strong, and hydrated before you wear any type of false lashes. Otherwise, you could set your lashes back for months or years! That’s why RevitaLash Advanced is the essential first step.


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