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Hey Guys, It’s Time to Pay Attention to Your Lashes & Brows

August 24, 2021

Image of a male model with beautiful lashes and brows

Just a few years ago, a news article about all-American men caring for their lashes and brows would have been shocking. Maybe a few men somewhere are brow conscious, but not any man you know – right? 

The times, they are a-changin’. 

Perhaps the pandemic sparked a change in men’s grooming and health. A year of sitting at home looking in the camera lens for the plethora of video calls will do that! It may be a few more years till men wake up an hour earlier each day to apply their daily makeup regimen, but men taking more sophisticated care of skin and hair are here to stay. 

Start With the Brows

Women have been wise to the power of well-trimmed and sculpted brows since time immemorial. You know, the eyes are the mirror of the soul!? That does not discriminate!  And, as men age, their brows become longer, yes – but they also become more sparse and lose their “tails” (that’s the long, thin edge of the brow that helps frame the eye) which can make you look, well, aged.

Here’s the Plan

It’s easy, and the difference it will make in your brows (remember, they frame your entire face) and your lashes (believe me, women notice) is nothing short of incredible.

Pick up RevitaLash® Advanced and RevitaBrow® Advanced (see the Lash & Brow Trial Kit). Use as directed – just a swipe of each. That’s it. It won’t take long to see a transformation in the health, shine, and volume of your lashes and brows. 

Next, you need to trim your brows and ditch the unibrow.

You may love DIY, but maybe you should see a pro to get your brows and lashes a handsome new start. Uncomfortable with that? Your best female mate is the one to turn to. She’ll show you how to trim and maybe even pluck so your brows look tame and your macho caveman look fades into George Clooney perfection. And, if she suggests a small amount of mascara for those lashes, don’t fight it. You will not turn into 1970s David Bowie. (Hey, would that be such a bad thing?) More like David Beckham or Tom Brady. Just sayin’.

One more thing. You probably use a gel to style and hold your hair, right? Your brows need the same help if they’re to stay in their new, striking shape. Here’s where a brow gel comes in. Use a little Hi-Def Brow Gel to sculpt, enhance and set your brows in place.  There’s nothing better to soften and tame those stubborn, unruly hairs, and give the illusion of a strong “tail”.

You Want to Look Put Together, not Thrown Together

Being put together means looking confident, in charge, and, yes, younger. All good things. Same when you're with your significant (or future significant) other.

You want to look like the lead singer not the bass player… the QB not the OT… hit a home run, not a single.

Men - it starts with your eyes… always has, always will.


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