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Men Are Asking: “You Want Me to Curl My Lashes?”

September 15, 2021

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No way! Way!!! 

Brows and lashes frame your face. Full stop. The first thing women see about men is their eyes.

Unkempt lashes and brows make you look sloppy and indifferent. If you’re uncaring about your looks, you’re probably uncaring about a lot of things. And that’s probably not the best message to be sending. 

Lashes and Brows: Just as Important as the Hair on Your Head

You use product to keep your mane looking healthy, full, shiny, and in place. You trim your beard and use special oils to keep it soft and shiny. And you’ll do anything to stop your hair from thinning. Well, the same level of commitment should apply to your brows and lashes.

Here’s something to consider. While you might think beards and brows get the most attention, it’s the eyelashes that can make an enormous impression.

What beautiful lashes do for women; they also do for men. Long, curled natural lashes soften your face. Your eyes look brighter, more awake, with an amorous air your partner understands at an unconscious level. You’re sending an undeniable signal. Think masculine, confident, with an intelligent, sensitive side.

Welcome to the 21st Century… Adding Curl Is Cool and Easy

Getting more natural eyelash curl is almost effortless. You only need to know the one secret women have known for years.

RevitaLash® Advanced Eyelash Serum can increase the natural curl of lashes -  no lash curler required. So along with giving you healthier, stronger, more hydrated lashes, RevitaLash Advanced can add plenty of lift.

Guys who choose to go a step further can try a lash curler…the funny-looking gadget you’ve seen your female friends use. It’s easy once you get the feel of it. Place upper lashes between the curler, then gently squeeze. The first time or two might seem intimidating, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly enough.

You’ll be amazed at the transformation a bit of curl can make in improving the look of the eye area. Get ready!


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