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Here at RevitaLash Cosmetics, we are proud supporters of year-round breast cancer initiatives, to give back to the community from which it was foundedEach October we debut our annual Pink promotion in New Zealand to support and celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month. Through this campaign,RevitaLash Cosmetics Founder and CEO, Michael Brinkenhoff M.D., honours and carries on the legacy of his late wife, who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 32. 

A month’s supply ofRevitaLash® orRevitaBrow® is donated locally to the Look Good Feel Better Trust for every PinkRevitaLash® andRevitaBrow® sold in New Zealand. In 2018 we were able to donate 1,000 units, in 2019 we donated a whopping 1,700 units – hand-delivered to Look Good Feel Better by Dr. Brinkenhoff, himself. And in 2020, we are proud to announce that we made our largest donation yet, with 2730 units of RevitaLash® and RevitaBrow® donated directly to Look Good Feel Better New Zealand.

Look Good Feel Better is a free, non-medical and brand-neutral programme that shares tangible tips and techniques to help people face cancer with confidence. LGFBNZ runs 300 classes in 40 centres each year throughout New Zealand for women, men, and teenagers.

"Look Good Feel Better NZ is enormously appreciative for the continuation of product donations RevitaLash kindly and generously provide our classes.  RevitaLash and RevitaBrow are products our participants have the benefit of using post treatment, bringing back not only their brows and lashes – but also their confidence.

Thank you so much for continuing to think of us whilst the world navigates challenging times – we couldn’t be more grateful!" –Cherie Evans, Look Good Feel Better New Zealand.

Founder, Dr. Brinkenhoff (left) and President, Lori Jacobus (right) join Annemarie Mason
and the ladies from Look Good Feel Better for our 2019 donation.



In October 2020, we created our first-ever fundraising jumpers which featured our Eternally Pink® logo. The pink jumpers were available in two styles; Cropped and Crew, with 100% of the profits raised from jumper sales to be donated to Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Foundation for our third consecutive year.

Pinc and Steel was founded on the basis of developing a world-class program for cancer survivorship, which is committed to supporting people affected by any type of cancer through all stages of their treatment and recovery.

Treatments for cancer typically include; surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and endocrine therapies. The effects of these treatments commonly cause many patients to develop unwanted side effects leading to significant negative impacts on quality of life.

Treatment effects may lead to physical impairments including pain, fatigue, lymphedema, weakness, restricted range of motion, joint pain, and osteoporosis. Treatment is also known to adversely affect physical function, body weight, and cardiovascular health.

These impairments may adversely affect a person's participation in activities of daily living and employment and negatively affect healthy lifestyle behaviors such as regular exercise.

Through the sales of our Limited-Edition Eternally Pink® Jumpers, RevitaLash New Zealand donated $4,361.68 to Pinc and Steel NZ. We would like to thank every single customer that purchased a fundraising jumper in 2020, an extremely difficult year for many, but especially for those who struggled with a cancer diagnosis on top of everything else.



Sunday 20th October 2019, we hosted our first-ever fundraising event, EAT DRINK PINK. Special guests, Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, Founder, and Lori Jacobus, President of RevitaLash joined us from California, US for the special day.

Following the success of the event, RevitaLash New Zealand donated $11,891.82 to Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation PaddleOn Program. The PaddleOn Program is a stand-up paddle (SUP) rehabilitation program for men and women who have been diagnosed with cancer, giving them a better quality of life with the support of Pinc and Steel rehabilitation trust physiotherapists.

This incredible charity is one close to home, if you've read Gemma's story you will know that she was a close friend of Annemarie Mason.

"In 2017 while on holiday in Vietnam, my friend, Gemma, found a lump in her breast which began to cause pain. After urgently returning to New Zealand to get it checked she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer at only age 30.

Gem was dealing with her journey very privately but she asked to share her story through the RevitaLash platform, to encourage other women, ESPECIALLY YOUNG women, to be breast aware, check for changes and not put off visiting a doctor if they felt something wasn’t right.

Gem wanted to save lives.

After her mastectomy, she had trouble lifting her arm, along with other side effects from major surgery and chemotherapy.

What you may not know is that in New Zealand if you slip over and hurt your finger, back, ankle or any part of your body – you are covered by ACC.

ACC helps to fund any physiotherapy, chiropractor, osteopaths, etc to help you return to health.

However, cancer patients go through surgeries, many of them multiple surgeries, multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, yet there is no government funding to help them return to full health afterwards. This is why the Pinc and Steel foundation was formed and why we are fundraising for their PaddleOn program, to give cancer patients a better quality of life on their journey back to health.

I visited Gemma after she attended one of the Pinc and Steel PaddleOn sessions. She was raving about it and explained that after being housebound, in doctors' offices and in-and-out of hospitals for months it was SO GOOD to get out on the water, in the fresh air and sunshine for her physiotherapy sessions.

Because of everyone that attended our EAT DRINK PINK breakfast fundraiser, we are able to continue to help this amazing charity and directly help many people.

Gem passed away suddenly last September 2019, age 32. We are losing too many people to this disease. On her behalf, I encourage everyone to check for changes, make it the norm to talk about it with friends and GO SEE a doctor if something isn’t right."

- Annemarie Mason, Managing Director Kiara Cosmetics

Karin Horen, Founder of PaddleOn Program, Lori Jacobus, President of RevitaLash,
Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, Founder of RevitaLash, Annemarie Mason, 
Managing Director
Kiara Cosmetics - exclusive distributors for RevitaLash in New Zealand.