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The Curl Effect: The Science Behind Eye lashes That Curl Naturally

April 14, 2024

The Curl Effect: The Science Behind Eye lashes That Curl Naturally

If you’ve ever used a lash curler or had a professional lash lift, you know that curled lashes can transform your look dramatically. Lifted lashes give your eyes a wide-open appearance, making them look larger – more youthful and more awake. No wonder lash lift services are surging in popularity.

But what if there was a way to boost your lashes’ natural curl, without an appointment? The secret to real, natural lashes with lasting curl—and no lash curler required—is much simpler than you would expect; it’s all about choosing the right lash serum. Here, we’ll explore the science behind curled lashes and help you choose the lash serum that’s right for you…so you can enjoy all the benefits of naturally lifted lashes (hello, younger looking eyes!) with minimal effort, and maximum results.

The Better Way to Curl Your Lashes: With Physician-Developed Science

Until now, there were only a couple ways to get lifted lashes, and both have their drawbacks. Lash curlers work by creating a temporary bend in the eyelashes using mechanical pressure, and the results only last a few hours. Lash lifts can last much longer—around six weeks—but require a visit to a professional, who will curl your lashes around a mold and apply a chemical perm solution followed by a setting solution to your eyelash hairs. While both of these methods are safe when done correctly, they can cause stress to your lashes over time. If you’re prone to brittle lashes or lash breakage, or just want to ensure your lashes remain strong and healthy, there’s a better way to achieve a lasting curl.

Enter our physician-developed RevitaLash® Advanced lash serums. Each of our lash conditioners (RevitaLash® Advanced, RevitaLash® Advanced Sensitive, and RevitaLash® Advanced Pro) is formulated with patented technology for The Curl Effect®. This technology, which you won’t find in any other lash serum on the market, delivers nutrients directly to lashes to help them look healthier and feel stronger. It also can boost your eyelashes’ natural lift and curl.

Real users have seen incredible results with our Curl Effect technology. In our 16-week tests, our five users saw an increase in their natural lash curl between 31 and 59 degrees!* Lashes transformed from straight and downturned to luxuriously lifted and eye-opening. And all it took was a swipe a day of our RevitaLash® Advanced lash serum.

Even better, each of our lash serums is ophthalmologist and dermatologist reviewed, clinically tested, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and free of oil, parabens, phthalates, fragrance, and gluten. Plus, they’re vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Finally, a way to get a natural curl that’s actually good for your lashes!

No Wonder Our Lash Serums Have the Industry Talking

Beauty experts and editors test hundreds of products (or more!) every year in search of the few that really work…and that’s why a vote of confidence from these industry insiders is worth considering before purchasing any product. Our lash serums are a cult favourite of editors at Cosmopolitan, New Beauty, Real Simple, Allure, and more.

Most recently, our RevitaLash® Advanced Sensitive won a 2023 Beauty Award from New Beauty, whose editors dubbed it, “perfect for anyone who wants to achieve beautiful lashes, but finds other serums irritating.” Our sensitive formula also scored a 2023 Smart Beauty Award from Real Simple—one of only 25 new products to make their beauty director’s year’s best list.

Our RevitaLash® Advanced isn’t just a top pick of editors, but a reader favorite, too. In 2023, our best-selling formula won a Reader’s Choice Award from not one, but two respected outlets: New Beauty and Cosmopolitan. “I use this for gorgeous, curled lashes that always get me tons of compliments,” one Cosmo reader raved.

How to Experience The Curl Effect® for Yourself

If you want to enhance your natural lashes while protecting them against breakage and improving flexibility and shine, add a conditioning lash serum to your daily routine. Our RevitaLash® Advanced serums feature Curl Effect technology that can help your lashes curl naturally—without a lash curler.

Step 1: Prep 

Prepare your lashes by cleansing them and removing makeup using our Micellar Water Lash Wash. Let dry completely.

Step 2: Apply Serum

Apply a thin line of RevitaLash® Advanced directly to the eyelashes above the lash line once each day.

Step 3: Let Dry

Let your lashes dry completely before applying additional beauty products.

Curling Your Lashes: Do’s and Don’ts

No matter which method you use to curl your lashes, familiarize yourself with these tips to keep your eyelashes looking healthy and beautiful:

 DO use a lash curler designed to curl without crimping or damaging your lashes. Replace the pads of the curler every two months.

 DON’Tcurl your lashes after applying mascara; this can cause eyelashes to stick to the curler and pull out. Only curl clean, dry lashes.

 DO use a lash conditioner daily to care for your lashes and keep them flexible, shiny, and healthy—especially if you get lash lifts or extensions.

 DON’Tuse any product on your eyelashes in the first 24 hours after a lash lift, as this can negatively affect your lashes’ curl.

 DO use a blow dryer to gently heat your lash curler before using (not too hot!) if you want to create a longer lasting curl.

 DON’Ttry lash lifts or other chemical lash services at home. Always go to a trained professional  you trust.

 DO apply lash conditioner directly to your eyelashes to maximise the benefits (not to the skin of your eyelid).

 Shop Lash Conditioners with The Curl Effect®

Lift your natural lashes and grow your confidence with our physician-developed formulas that can help boost lashes’ natural curl.

Choose our best-selling RevitaLash® Advanced if you love a cult-favourite formula with over 29,000 five star reviews/ratings to back it up.

Sensitive eyes? RevitaLash® Advanced Sensitiveis made for you, with encapsulated time-release technology designed to be gentle for less irritation.

Prefer to let your trusted professional tailor a lash routine to your needs? Our RevitaLash® Advanced Prois exclusive to select pro locations.

No matter which formula you choose, your lush, lifted lashes are sure to earn compliments.

*Individual results may vary.

Aggregate total of all 5-star reviews/ratings globally as of 10/6/22.



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